What does the term “web-hosting” mean?


What does the term “web-hosting” mean?

Every modern business is looking for ways to establish itself in the vast internet world where the consumer public has now turned, and the majority of them are using SEO techniques. During the search for matters like SEO, a number of terminologies appear that can be confusing and while at the same time no one is making clear which is the most appropriate choice.

This article is a complete explanation of web hosting that will help you better understand these concepts and their functions, as search engines do not contain the answer to your questions.

What is web-hosting?

By the term we-hosting (also known as plain “Hosting”), in its general sense, we mean a service through which disk space, as well as other resources (CPU, RAM, etc.) are provided to a company, organization or individual, to publish their website and gain a further online presence.

A website consists of a set of data (files, photos, database, etc.) which we “upload” to a folder so that they are accessible to the public via the internet.

This folder is located on a server that is active and with constant Internet access 24 hours a day. When the public visits a website, the server locates the files that correspond to that website and provides their content to the visitor.

Server Management

Managing a shared hosting requires minimal technical knowledge as everything can be done easily with a graphical interface (control panel) while monitoring and managing the server is the responsibility of the hosting company. This does not apply in the case of VM where server management (monitoring, configuration, etc.) is the responsibility of the client.

Price of the web hosting

Price is a big issue when it comes to hosting services. There may be VMs much cheaper than some Shared hosting but they offer very low performance or minimal to no support. In addition, there can be extremely large differences in hosting services in Greece and abroad.

The price alone should not be a hosting selection criterion. In addition, the benefits, technologies used and support should be taken into account. The “golden section” is somewhere in the middle: high quality hosting and support services at the lowest possible price.

In the Shared hosting solution there are clearly very economical solutions since the client is free from management and server maintenance costs while sharing its resources with other hosting.

On the contrary, VM is a more expensive solution with costs increasing as more services or services need to be added (management, monitoring, anti-malware features, etc.) and as more resources need to be introduced along the way.

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