The importance of SEO


The importance of SEO

There is no doubt that the internet has entered our lives for good and in 2020 we discover more and more ways to fascinate us in various areas of everyday life whether it means tourism or information or entertainment!

Some are constantly trying to find new ways to gain the attention of some through the internet, new websites are constantly mushrooming every day around the world but how can a website beat the competition and be in front of the eyes of the target audience?

According to Paramarketing search engine optimization aka seo aims to bring in more visitors than organic search engine results and by organic we mean results that appear without having to pay Google for the well-known Adwords to show your ad on first page.

There are two ways for search engines to notice you, the first is pay per click advertising. One and perhaps most well-known example is the Google adwords system, which was created by Google and generates revenue of $ 5 billion per year. Webmasters can place their ads through this by setting a price based on which they will be charged for each visitor who comes to their website, they can also set the maximum amount they want to be charged for that visitor in an effort to appear higher than their competitors (something like a small auction) as well as to set the maximum amount they want to spend daily for the ads that “run”.

The second and most time consuming is to have a good ranking in the organic results, the promotion of websites is a process that does not stop, there is always a concern with the website to improve certain things like texts, meta’s and at the same time a constant commitment in an effort to obtain more inbound links from relevant websites to our website.

Our era increasingly imposes our presence in search engines and the promotion of our website so that we are daily in front of potential customers who make online purchases.

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