4 fantasies you will never hear!


4 fantasies you will never hear!

You already know the basic male fantasies: Trio with another girl or escorts, sex with an open balcony door for everyone to see, sex on the beach, etc.

Your boyfriend has no reason to hide them from you – many times he will even ask you to apply them and in practice (do not rush to say no to the first!).

But there are also fantasies that will be very difficult to share with you. Why; Because he is afraid that you will misunderstand him, that you will think that he is not faithful to you, that he has no taste and dignity.

But, as I have told you before (my tongue will grow), sex is for us to enjoy – and woe to the one who tries to make it happy by avoiding what “makes” him. I’m right, I’m not negotiating.

The following sex fantasies (either mine or my friends‘) will put you in the sanctuaries of male sexuality, so that it does not come to you abruptly when your boyfriend expresses a strange desire.

1. To go with the one she does not appreciate

It can be a “second”, a “last”. Men do not look at these, on the contrary they are attracted to women who make something “cheap”. Beauty, intelligence and elegance do not matter here. I clarify, so as not to be surprised if e.g. you realize that his biggest fantasy is a naive TV presenter or the girl who cleans your stairs.

2. To go with your girlfriend

You all go out together, you tell jokes, you play board games. He will never tell you, but going with your girlfriend is in the top-5 of his fantasies, even if she is not visible, even if she is beyond any suspicion.

3. To go with his friend

Is there a real friendship between a boy and a girl? I believe so, but that does not mean that in the context of a real friendship there can be no sexual attraction. Another one, another one.

4. To go with his ex

It has been verified many times (I have also found it) that the greatest erotic desire that can…

Erotic fantasies: These are the most common in men and women

Erotic fantasies of both sexes have some in common

The two sexes have many erotic fantasies to share with each other…

Sex fantasies are something that women do more than men, as 46% of women think of other men when having sex with their partner, compared to the corresponding 42% of men.


For most women, these sex fantasies involve a close friend or co-worker at work, and when this happens to them, they are more likely to eventually have sex with that man as well than men who have similar fantasies when they do. sex with their partners.

Specifically, just under a third of women (30%) and 25% of men admit that they have finally had sex with the person they imagined from their friendly environment.

Also, 26% of women and 22% of men have also had sex with a person from their work environment, which they imagined when they had sex with their partner.

Athens escorts admit one in five women have sexual fantasies starring their boss at work. And 8% of women admit to having had sex with their boss at least once.

In two, a third… fits!

The survey also found that 70% of women and 63% of men fantasize about what it would be like to have sex with another person before going to bed.

And if and when this happens (that is, if they are really just having sex with another person) this new experience meets the. Expectations of 62% of women. This means that 38% of women who have sex with another person. Are disappointed with the experience and regret it.

Men are a little easier… to have fun with a new sexual partner for the first time, with 68% saying that “his expectations were met” and only 32% saying that they were disappointed.

A friend came tonight from old time

Finally, many women and men tend to fantasize about their ex-partners when having sex with their current partner. Specifically, 6 in 10 men and women admitted that they have done it sometimes and 15% of men and 14% of women say they do it often.

And a third of women still have sexual fantasies about their first love or the first person they had sex with in their lifetime.

All these fantasies are treated as “innocent” and “harmless” for 60% of women and 66% of men, but at the same time more than 30% of both sexes say that if their partner does this, they would feel like he was cheating on them!…

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