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Canvas Painting Party

Feed your inner artist and paint along with Nate. Your group will all paint one of the paintings shown below. They are mostly 12 x 16 inch canvases and done in acrylic.
$30 per person
$200 minimum
Each person paints the same picture, but personal touches are encouraged.
Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image:

Fill out the following to reserve this party:
First name:
Last name:
Number of Painters (appx.):
Date of Party:
Time of Party:
Additional Notes:
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You may pick one painting for the party.
Click the radio button for the painting you want below:
Red Umbrella Beach:
Winter Trees:
Chinese Bamboo:
Fall Tree:
Forest Mushrooms:
Wild Flowers:
City Houses:
Dio de Los Muertos Skull:
Window Dressing:
Blossoming Branch:
Windmill Storm:
Snow Scene:
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