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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is bisque?
  2. Can I special order items?
  3. How long does everything take?
  4. Do I have to finish painting in one day?
  5. What's the recommended age for painting?
  6. Can I bring food into the shop?
  7. Do I need reservations?
  8. Is it messy?
  9. Do I need to bring anything?

  1. Bisque is unfinished pottery. Slip is a thin clay mixture that is poured into molds. After the clay air dries and hardens somewhat, it is called greenware. The greenware is then cleaned using special tools to clear away imperfections and seams. The greenware is then fired in a kiln to harden it. After this first firing, you have bisque which is white, hard, and somewhat porous.
  2. Yes, absolutely. If you need a special item or several items you can special order more of something you see on the shelves, or you can request to look at our ordering catalogs. Please try to give us at least 2 weeks notice.
  3. After you first come into our shop, you pick out a piece to paint and then sit down to paint it. You can take as much time as you like to finish painting. After you finish, you leave the piece with us for firing. The firing process usually takes about a week, after which you come back to our store and pick up your finished, glazed pottery.
  4. No. Although most pieces only take a few hours or less to paint, you may sometimes need more time to finish a large or more intricate piece. If it's the end of the day, or you need to leave, just take your piece with you and bring it back later to finish. There's no additional charge!
  5. All ages can enjoy painting pottery. The paints (also called underglazes) are completely non-toxic and wash out of clothes easily.
  6. Absolutely. Bring a drink or a snack to eat while you paint. Or have a pizza delivered -- whatever. We don't care. As long as everyone's having fun. However, be sure and wash you hands before handling the pottery.
  7. Reservations are not generally required for individuals and small groups. If you'd like to reserve a table or a party room to guarantee a time and space for your group, please do.
  8. Yes, it's incredibly messy! How can it be fun if it's not messy? Don't worry, the paints are non-toxic and wash out easily and you can even wear one of our artist aprons if you like. And when you're finished, WE'LL CLEAN UP THE MESS!!!!!
  9. Just bring yourself and your imagination. We supply all the paints, brushes, towels, sponges, etc. that you will need. If you have a special set of brushes or other tools that you would like to bring in and use, you are more than welcome to do so.
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